I just made first upload to LoTW. QSOs requested as direct via OQRS Clublog were uploaded.

Please be patient – all QSOs will be uploaded when I am back home. Nobody knows when but I hope before next year…

My priority now is making QSOs with all who need Norfolk Island as ATNO . Contact confirmations will wait for some time.

7 thoughts on “LoTW”

  1. Good Morning Janusz!

    Thank you very much for LotW confirmation of my country #336 on 15m where I missed VK9NS!
    You really made my day! Wish you a good stay and hopefully a good return to Poland.

    73 from Austria!

    Wolf, OE2VEL

  2. Janusz, I hope you continue to stay healthy and relatively contented while “stranded” on your little desert island of Norfolk. Seriously, I hope you weathering the pandemic with ease. All my best, and thank you again for all the Qs from VK9-N. 73!

    1. Brad,
      Of course I enjoyed staying on VK9N but always are some troubles: very little callers, amplifier out of order, cold nights and hills to be ride on bicycle…

  3. Janusz thanks for Norfolk Island ?? on multiple bands. Hope to catch you on 30m. I just seen that you were on Lotw and OQRS so I did my direct request. Safe travels back home and 73! de Chris, KA3ZLS

  4. Thanks for the ATNO! I voted for the QSL picture with the flag and islands.
    73 from a little pistol, Terry K6TDI

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