QSL info


QSL cards are printed and most of direct requests will be mailed in August.


I insist on using Clublog OQRS system. Direct letters are opened by dishonest post workers.

I do not ask any donation before my operation but when it is finished and you like it please consider adding extra Euro(s) when requesting QSL.

I do belive that direct donations to Dxpeditions (after they are finished with good result) are more effective then transfering money to DX foundations.

Once you have requested your DXpedition QSL using OQRS you must NEVER then put your cards through the bureau – This is NOT required and is ABUSE of the bureau system. Not to mention that sending yor QSL increases your costs !

Once the cards are processed they are BINNED.

When I receive your OQRS request, your QSL is processed and stored until it is time to send the card to your bureau. You must NOT then send your card through the bureau.