Antenna aventure

I had antenna exercise. During my work 160m antenna current melted plastic cord carrier and all wire went to ground at night. Strange , but SWR showed 1:1.2 and I operated of course without succes. It was in the night and I dicscovered damage in the next morning.

By the way of fixing 160m I changed configuration of 30/40m. Now I have single vertical for this both bands.

Time for 160m

As I am operating all amateur bands , there is no much time to check 160m. However I will try to be there about 11-12 UTC and again during my sunrise time – about 18:10 UTC. Maybe not every day but you must be patient and monitor frequency. About 11 UTC I will transmit on 1840 kHz and at sunrise I will try to be on 1836 kHz.