I just made first upload to LoTW. QSOs requested as direct via OQRS Clublog were uploaded.

Please be patient – all QSOs will be uploaded when I am back home. Nobody knows when but I hope before next year…

My priority now is making QSOs with all who need Norfolk Island as ATNO . Contact confirmations will wait for some time.

Questions & Answers

  • Why not more on 80m?

My main goal is to give ATNO, not 80m QSOs. I worked almost 3000 stations on 80m FT8/RTTY and SSB (yes, SSB with EU also!). 80m and 160m are NOT my priority.

  • Why not more SSB?

I hate FT8 but look at the poll on right of my site… I often switch to SSB, call 10 minutes without response; made selfspot, call another 10 min without response and…go back to hated FT8 emission.

I can ask you: why you do NOT monitor bands and SSB mode?

I will participate in Russian Contest and WPX SSB Contest coming weekends. I’m curious how many of you will call me…

  • Why not 12/10m for EU/NA?

I monitor 12/10m. I have about 700 QSOs on 10m and similar number on 12m, mostly with Asia.

Solar Flux Index must be above 74 to have a chance for FT8 QSO with Europe. Sorry, it is not that number nowadays…