My deepest thanks to following friends:

Jacek – SP5EAQ (for valuable information and donation)

Marcin – SP5ES (for donation)

Leszek – SP6CIK (for pice of equipment and donation)

Wlodek – SP6EQZ (for pice of equipment)

Andrzej – SP6GVU (for generous donation)

Franek – SP6JZL (for generous donation)

Jarek – SP6OJK (for donation)

Presley – W5PD (for donation)

Bernd – DF9KF (for donation)

Mitil – JP2XSP (for donation)

Clinton – KC4FYG (for donation)

Mac – JO7KMB (for donation)

Toshi – JA6GPR (for donation)