I just made first upload to LoTW. QSOs requested as direct via OQRS Clublog were uploaded.

Please be patient – all QSOs will be uploaded when I am back home. Nobody knows when but I hope before next year…

My priority now is making QSOs with all who need Norfolk Island as ATNO . Contact confirmations will wait for some time.

7 thoughts on “LoTW”

  1. Good Morning Janusz!

    Thank you very much for LotW confirmation of my country #336 on 15m where I missed VK9NS!
    You really made my day! Wish you a good stay and hopefully a good return to Poland.

    73 from Austria!

    Wolf, OE2VEL

  2. Janusz, I hope you continue to stay healthy and relatively contented while “stranded” on your little desert island of Norfolk. Seriously, I hope you weathering the pandemic with ease. All my best, and thank you again for all the Qs from VK9-N. 73!

    1. Brad,
      Of course I enjoyed staying on VK9N but always are some troubles: very little callers, amplifier out of order, cold nights and hills to be ride on bicycle…

  3. Janusz thanks for Norfolk Island 🇳🇫 on multiple bands. Hope to catch you on 30m. I just seen that you were on Lotw and OQRS so I did my direct request. Safe travels back home and 73! de Chris, KA3ZLS

  4. Thanks for the ATNO! I voted for the QSL picture with the flag and islands.
    73 from a little pistol, Terry K6TDI

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