Stuck on Norfolk Island

All my flights are cancelled and I have to stay on Norfolk for some time more. It gives chance to work me for those who need VK9N. On 10th April I will change QTH on the island for little cheaper – my resources are limited. I hope signals from new place will be also good enough to give few people ATNO.

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  1. Hi Janusz,

    hope you have a good time without COVID on Norfolk Island. Worked several VKs on 40m longpath in WPX contest, so there are propagations. Hope you can enjoy the radio! Regarding some earnings my suggestion is to activate LotW for all stations which request a direct QSL with Paypal. As nobody knows when the postal service will be working properly again, this might be the right step towards the future after COVID. If you need any help, please let me know,
    As you are my DXCC-Challenge #2.960, I am more than prepared to donate for a confirmation when I know I will get it. I am sure many others will do the same.

    All the best from isolated central Europe to hopefully still free pacific island.

    73 Wolf, OE2VEL

  2. Hi Janusz, just worked you on 40M with my Dipole and 100W, you are very strong this morning. Stay safe andf healthy, 73 from europe!
    DG1PM Alex

  3. Hi Janusz,
    Enjoy the island as long and as good as you can since you are in the super enviable situation everybody in Europe is dreaming of at the moment: Being stuck on an island in paradise with little chances to get infected. Hope you find a place more affordable and there is enough fish & fruits available.
    Stay safe & healthy!
    73 de Rob, DL7VOA

    1. You can be surprised Rob.
      There is very limited choice of fruits and vegetables. Every day you can buy potatoes. Onion is about once a week. Forget about fruits. Sometimes there are bananas. Nothing imported!
      No apples, no tomatoes, no plums, no carrot, no lemons, no oranges, no … you can list…
      Sometimes you can buy frozen vegetables…

  4. Hi Janusz,
    Good to read that you are QRV from Norfolk island.
    In March 2009 we had an appointment with Jim VK9NS and Kirsti VK9NL in their home on Norfolk Island. But one month before (while we were in the Ross Sea and active as OR4AX/MM) we got a mail from Jim’s son that his father passed away.
    In March 2009, we visited Kirsti VK9NL and were together with her on Jim’s temporary grave. During that week we were QRV on the short wave bands as VK9N/ON5AX.
    We are interested to know if Kirsti is still alive and still lives in her home ???
    Can you sent me your private email adres ???? We have lots more to tell…
    We moved now to Portugal, but unfortunately we still have to assemble our GAP
    Vertical antenna….

    1. Kirsti lives in their house and looks well, however she is already old lady. She is not intrested in amateur radio now. You can see her house on pictures below.

  5. Janusz,

    Thank you for the ATNO! I have been pursuing my DXCC and your QSL might be the one that gets me over the top! Great signal here in Michigan on a G5RV!! I requested your QSL in OQRS, a LOTW confirmation at your leisure would be fantastic! Thank you for doing this for the ham community!

    73 de Stefano N8USY

    1. Thank you Stefano for nice words. QSLing will be served when I am back home. Maybe Lotw will be earlier. I have to sign-in …

  6. Hi Janusz !

    Thank your for 20M SSB and 17M RTTY. You are my 1st VK9N.
    I have request my QSL via Buro OQRS.
    Is this ok or only direct QSL ?

    Stay safe and Greetings from Austria
    Philipp OE7PGI

    1. All QSL requests will be served when I am back home (nobody knows when). I hope Bureaus will work by that time…

  7. Hi Janusz.
    It’s a great honor to work you on 40-20-15m bands. Sorry to hear that you are stuck on VK9N.
    I added a direct OQRS request with a little donation hoping that could help a little bit.
    Hope everything’s fine and safe.


  8. -9 40M FT8 signal into western NC USA (near Asheville) this morning – my antenna receives better than it transmits, it seems hi hi – stay safe & healthy & 73!

    1. Please try again. 40m band is very crowdy. Better call me above 2600 (to 3100 ) Hz. Only 100W from my side and 2 el vertical.

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