Bad news, good news

Bad news is that from today there will be no more 30m operation. Good news is that on 30m pole I mounted 160m inverted L and from today I begin FT8 operation on this band.

2 thoughts on “Bad news, good news”

  1. Dear Janusz ,
    Great, that you activate VK9N again.
    I was looking many times for you, using mainly dx cluster.
    All the time, nothing heard from you.
    In FT8 I am a bit confused.
    According to the cluster messages sometimes you are using F/H and sometimes standard configuration.
    May be there is a chance, to work you in FT8 on some of our bands before you return.
    Just saw, that you operate from BY1QH. Have been also there around that time. Using now from time to time B3/DL8UI.
    Best 73’s
    Ben DL8UI

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